ARTEK Special Solutions for Concrete Elements Production

Storage racks

In a concrete block, paver or slab factory more racks are needed than the curing racks. Based on our history, we can design, deliver and install various types of heavy duty racks for your factory. For example to store the molds, which are too valuable to be placed on the floor. Or storage racks for the intermediate buffering of production pallets. In any case - do not hesitate to contact us, we will have the solution for you!


Conveyors are essentially for every concrete elements factory. Not only the "big" conveyors on the wet and dry side of the plant, but also smaller ones for special purposes. In the example above to transport a pile of shipping pallets into the reaching area of the cuing robot. In any case, Artek conveyors are state of the art - sturdy construction and driven by servo-controlled motors.


Clamps are typical example for special tools, which we can design and produce according to your needs. Pneumatically operated clamps for robots, or electrically operated four-side clamps with turning devices to replace the traditional clamps of cartesian cubing stations, which are mostly operated with failure sensitive hydraulic drives.