Washing Stations

Washing is the "entry level" value adding process, mainly used in paver plants. The washing devide - which can consist of one, two or even three stations, are installed in the area of the wet side conveyor. No further line is needed, no second cubing station. Beside the value adding effect of the washing process itself, it is a good preparation of advanced methods like shot blasting, as the mix design of the hard face mix and the production process inside the main machine are very similar.

Unbuffered pallet return

These pictures show an example for ARTEK's unbuffered pallet return system. The empty pallets are cleaing at the end of the dry line, than doubled and pushed as pairs on cross conveyors, which is arranged 90 degrees to the dry line as well as the wet line. Before the pallets are placed to a pallet pool, they are turned. The interface to the main machine in this example is the pallet pool, ARTEK is also able to supply the pallet conveyor to the main machine.

  • Pallets from dry side

  • Pallets to cross conveyor

  • Pallets on cross conveyor

  • Pallets turning

  • Pallets from turning device to pallet pool

  • Pallets from pool to machine conveyor

Buffered Pallet Return

The characteristic of this example is, that instead of single pallets, piles are transported from the dry to the wet side. The needed buffer car travels on rails, allowing the access of the inner area of the plant by forklift.

Another advantage is, that piles of pallets can be taken out from the system by forklift, if the wet side is stopped, and re-inserted, if the pallet circulation can be continued.

  • Build a pile on dry side

  • Pile to buffer car

  • Buffer car to wet side

  • Buffer car arriving at wet side

  • Buffer conveyor station (outlet if necessary)

  • Pile to machine

  • Separation to single pallets