Iston/Hadimköy Paver Plant Upgrade

In this project we increased the automation of the plant by replacing the forklift transportation of moveable curing racks by a finger car solution and stationary curing rack.

The challenge in this exciting project while replacing the forklift based pallet transportation of an existing paver plant (local brand) with a fully automatic pallet transportation system (elevator, lowerator, finger car with turning device) and a stationary ELIFRAF curing rack was to define and realize all necessary interfaces of process, mechanically and also regarding the control system. Additionally, a fully electric cuber and a slat conveyor had to be installed to take products from an integrated shot blasting line. 

The project was executed on time to the fullest satisfaction of the customer ISTON, a former city owned company which belongs now to the Fortune 500 companies in Turkey and is for sure with their more than 1.500 employees and several locations in and around metropolitan Istanbul an outstanding company in this industry with world rank.