Artek Flagship Projects

Tasgül Bims A.S. - Tarsus / Turkey

Tasgül Bims AS is a new established company, belonging to the Tasgül Group, in Tarsus/Turkey. The city of Tarsus is famous for its more than 6.000 years old history.

The Tasgül plant is universally planned for the production of concrete pavers, curbstones and pumice blocks. The main machine was supplied by Zenith/Germany and ARTEK designed and executed the entire handling system for this plant. The curing rack was supplied by ELIFRAF.

The special characteristic of this plant is the usage of an industrial robot for cubing and insertion of the shipping pallets, as the first robotics solution in the Turkish concrete block industry.

Kobims A.S. - Ankara/Turkey

Kobims A.S. is a well established company focussed on the production of hollow blocks and other elements made from pumice, in the area of the Turkish capital city Ankara.

The challenge in this project was to implement an industrial robot as cubing station into a more than 10 years old Masa pumice block factory. Additionally, the second layer of the resulting cube should contain empty rows as forklift pockets, no blocks remain as spare and no manual interference should be necessary. Also, the top layer of the cube should be turned bottom-up to avoid damage of the edges during the vertical strapping process. ARTEK solved this project using a Yamawaki robot with a special clamping tool and a customized layer turning device. The cubing software and plant integration was grammed by our partner MIKROHOST.

Iston A.S. - Hadimköy(Istanbul/Turkey

ISTON A.S., a former city owned company in Istanbul, nowadays belongs to the Fortune 500 businesses in Turkey. More than 1.500 employees in several factories, a wide range of produced concrete elements, from concrete tubes, over city furnitures and all kind of paving stones, slabs and road elements, make Iston a world-class company.

In this project, ARTEK replaced in one of the Iston's paver factories the former forklift based pallet transportation system against a fully automated pallet handling and storage system, with elevator, lowerator and finger car with turning device. The curing rack was delivered by ELIFRAF.

Another part of the project was the cubing of paving stones after surface treatment by shotblasting. The cubing station including the clamps is fully electrically driven. The horizontal and vertical movements of the clamping system is activated by means of tooth belts - less noice and wear out and smooth operation granted.

Desentas A.S. - Istanbul/Turkey

Before Desentas AS decided to invest into this plant, they already operated a small singe pallet machine and a multilayer machine for the paver production.

The new plant is based on a Zenith machine, and the entire handling system was designed and produced by ARTEK. The curing rack was supplied by ELIFRAF.

The basis layout of the plant is determined by an integrated shot blasting line, requiring two cubing stations. The pallet return system is executed as with a buffer car, connecting the dry and wet line, and balancing the different speeds of the lines during the shot blasting process.